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Square Bale Net - Large

Square Bale Net - Large

$ 300.00

This is the Big Boy Net, this net has the same wide opening just like the Round Bale Nets and made with the same high quality heavy duty materials as all of our products, But these nets are made to accommodate the 3x4x8, and 4x4x8.

We will have Pictures and videos shortly on how easy they are to put on the bales and to use.


3x3x8 update -- At this time we are unable to make a 3x3x8 bale net. Basically the math just wont allow us to do it. Its that 4 ft dimension (the 8ft length) that just kills it. Our best suggestion is the 3x4x8 net there will be a little bit of extra material but the amount of material can either be tied up when closing the net. Or the net can be left as is.

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